German Theatre

Claudia Jessat, owner, director of German courses & productions

Before joining UBI Theatre I studied Cultural Pedagogy at Merseburg University of Applied Sciences and specialised in Theatre in Education (TiE). My passion has always been to use theatre in social and learning contexts.

Before university I gained acting experience  with different companies and theatres in Leipzig. After university I started doing work in TiE with social groups.

To me,  UBI Theatre is about creating a home and a safe environment for our participants.

What I love most about my job is that theatre can teach people to overcome their limitations,  to be open and get out of their own skin whilst trying things they’ve never done before. I love watching them become stronger, often happier and definitely more creatively satisfied because of our courses.

English Theatre

Laura Shann, director of English courses & productions

“Acting is escapism. I love being able to portray someone else’s reality with profound realistic connection. It is true creativity and I find this incredibly beautiful when achieved truthfully, both as a performer and audience.”

Laura started acting at the age of five and has been hooked ever since. She has performed in too many productions to list and has gained numerous qualifications in L.A.M.D.A., R.A.D.A. and trinity; culminating in a B.A. (Hons) in Acting at one of Londons top Drama Schools, ‘Rose Bruford College’. Laura is very happy to be working with UBI Theatre and is super excited to help our members experience their true colours!

Ellen Stobbe

I joined UBI in September 2016 and was accepted to be an intern specialising in marketing and research.
During school I joined a theatre course and worked on a few plays, and now I’m studying theatre arts in Leipzig.  For me UBI is a place where you can lose and find yourself again. It’s like a big personal experiment.